Elder Care Mediation

Sylvia Mayer helps families navigate the challenges of aging through Elder Care Mediation.  Sylvia meets with families to develop an action plan for the future.  Elder Care Mediation can be used to resolve:

  • Conflict among Family Members regarding Elder Care,
  • Issues with Care Facilities regarding Care or other Concerns, and
  • Contested Legal Proceedings involving Wills, Probate or Guardianship.

Elder Care Mediation is a personal, private and voluntary process where the end result is tailored to each family’s unique circumstances and needs.  The process is quick, flexible, and confidential and it is typically much less expensive than litigation.  Elder Care Mediation empowers families to create the solution, rather than continue fighting, having a court impose a solution, or doing nothing.  Through this collaborative process, Sylvia brings families together to openly and constructively discuss concerns and develop an action plan for their loved one.  Action plans can address a variety of issues, including living arrangements, caregiving responsibilities and options, driving concerns, estate planning, business transition, care facility issues, and end of life decisions.  Elder Care Mediation helps families move past their differences and reach an agreement.

Sylvia Mayer has over 20 years of experience as an attorney and peacemaker among disputing parties.  She was pleased to be invited to participate in the 18th Annual Direct Car Workers Conference in April 2015.  Sylvia is a member of the Houston Gerontology Society, United Way’s Elder Service Provider Network, Texas Association of Mediators, and the American Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Committee.  Sylvia is also a Credentialed Advanced Mediator through the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, an Elder Care Mediator with eldercaremediators.com, and a qualified mediation provider in the Federal Courts for the Southern District of Texas.